Reasons Why You Need Physical Therapy After Surgery

Reasons Why You Need Physical Therapy After Surgery

Congratulations! Your surgery was a success. Now, it’s time for you to get started on rehab. Yes, it’s fairly tempting to just remain in bed while you recuperate, but you shouldn’t! Starting physical therapy early on comes with a lot of perks:

  • It boosts the natural healing process.

    The body indeed has an innate ability to heal itself. However, it needs all the help it can get. One way to support your body’s healing process is by undergoing physical therapy. Through this approach, you can:

    • Avoid complications
    • Minimize the formation of scar tissue
    • Negate a limited range of motion
    • Prevent the loss of muscle mass

    Physical therapists use cutting edge technology to help damaged tissues heal quicker. Ask Pros In Rehab about it to learn more details about the process.

  • It helps you regain mobility.

    Mobility doesn’t only refer to your ability to walk. In the case of a shoulder injury, mobility is about being able to lift objects and reach overhead safely too.

    Physical therapy improves this process through exercises. These routines help strengthen your muscles. On top of that, it gradually increases your range of motion.

  • It prevents hospital readmission.

    You want to get better as soon as possible right? Well, the fastest and safest way to achieve that is through physical therapy.

    Every session gets you closer to a full recovery so that you don’t have to suffer a relapse. Over time, it will help you heal without or with the least complications too.

What happens if you don’t get physical therapy after surgery?
Physical therapy can be something which you might picture as uncomfortable. But in truth, it only works to your benefit. After surgery, consider getting physical therapy, otherwise:

  • Re-injury may arise.
  • Your recovery may prolong.
  • Your medical bills may increase in the long run when health complications occur.

The Conclusion
Physical therapy is a must after surgery. It reinforces your body’s ability to heal itself. It also helps you in retaining and improving your range of motion. In short, physical therapy ensures that you’re on the path to a full recovery.

Do you have prior concerns when it comes to doing physical therapy? That’s okay. You can always clear up your concerns by discussing with a professional.

Where can you get physical therapy services in San Jose, California?
You can simply reach us out for an appointment. Our team is composed of experienced specialists you can count on. We have several focused programs at the ready. These include:

  • Pediatric program
  • Adolescent program
  • Senior program
  • Specialized program

Are you interested in knowing more of what we have to offer? Contact us or send us an email. All of our contact info is listed below. Feel free to discuss your concerns with us today.

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