How to Improve Your Health Through Yoga Therapy

How to Improve Your Health Through Yoga Therapy

Practicing yoga promotes strength, endurance, and flexibility. Additionally, it helps maintain a balanced metabolism. Aside from improving your physical health, yoga may also help reduce stress and anxiety and builds emotional resilience. The list doesn’t end there! Yoga may also:

  • Help you sleep better
    Incorporating yoga into your routine decreases sleep disturbances and reduces the need for sleep medication. This is because yoga is a combination of physical exertion and relaxing meditation, it tires your body out making it easier for you to fall asleep.
  • Perfects your posture
    Having poor posture causes back, neck and muscle pains. To counter these health issues, you can engage in a well-balanced asana practice with plenty of backbends, forward bends, and twists.
  • Enhances heart health
    Research suggests that after a few months of regular practice, the relaxing and meditative aspect of yoga enhances a person’s cardiovascular health. It lowers blood pressure, lessens disease-causing inflammation, and eases the nervous system.
  • Aid in the rehabilitation process
    With the guidance of a qualified yoga instructor and your physician, yoga has been found to help rehabilitate injuries and torn muscles. However, it takes commitment and on-going practice to enable yoga to impact the rehab process.

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