Yoga Therapy in San Jose, California

Yoga Therapy

The lead clinician, Jyoti, has been practicing yoga asanas and pranayamas for over 25 years and is a certified yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists(IAYT), as well as a certified Yoga Instructor(RYT-200).

  • Student performing yoga with his Yoga Instructor
  • Elderly woman being helped by her instructor in the gym for exercising.

Yoga In Medicine:
At Pros In Rehab, we are uniquely positioned to offer Therapeutic Yoga and Pilates applied for specific ailments, prevention, as well as for general fitness. We offer therapeutic and general yoga asana and pranayama sessions on a one-on-one basis and in small groups on a private or semi-private basis.

We incorporate basic principles and techniques of yoga asanas and pranayamas in many of our therapeutic approaches because:

  • Yoga asanas(postures) are based on strong principles of alignment, core control, neuromotor control, and incorporate the kinetic chain of the body part being addressed. They follow sound biomechanical principles of movement that helps to influence the level of fitness, health and well being an individual feels.
  • Pranayamas or breathing techniques can be used effectively for sequencing movement, engaging the desired musculature in a timely manner, focusing the mind on the result desired at that time, reducing stress, and promoting muscle relaxation and improving lung capacity and ribcage movements. These are just the obvious, physical benefits of these techniques. In addition, they promote a sense of well being, coordination and calmness of the mind.

At PIR, we incorporate the asanas in a discriminating, modified, and safe manner, since not all our clients, with their specific physical limitations, can practice the asanas as described in the texts or in the extreme forms. As a Physical Therapist of 30+ years, with a deep knowledge of the Human Body, Anatomy, Physiology, Body Mechanics, Human Development, as well as her extensive medical background, Jyoti is highly qualified to modify, pick and choose asanas, pranayamas and develop routines that would most effectively benefit the condition of our clients.

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