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How Is Physical Therapy Important, Especially for Seniors?

Physical therapy is known for its use of physical-based methods such as massages, heat treatments, and exercise—rather than surgery or drugs—to treat illnesses, injury, or to alleviate the conditions of a disability. While others have doubts with the effectiveness of this kind of medical science, there is no doubt that physical therapy has its benefits … Continue reading

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Dizziness and Vestibular Disorders: How Physical Therapy Can Help

Are you experiencing frequent dizziness even on normal occasions? Dizziness is an occurrence that is mostly caused by vestibular disorders or ailments within the ears. Licensed therapists providing physical therapy services in San Jose, California can help you improve on the symptoms of dizziness and work with you in improving your balance. Vestibular rehabilitation is … Continue reading

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5 Spinal Sins That Cause Back Pains

Are you suffering from an achy back? Those daily trivial activities can make or break your spine health. Thus, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, an office junkie, or somewhere in between, there is a solid chance you’ll deal with back pains eventually. Given their prevalence, back problems are considered stereotypical. However, many providers of health … Continue reading

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Gait Training: A Quick Guide for Family Caregivers

To a person facing mobility challenges, gait training can be the solution they’re looking for. Gait training is a form of physical therapy prescribed by a physician to an individual who has a difficulty standing or walking about. This difficulty can be caused by an illness or a recent injury. Quality gait training can help … Continue reading

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Yoga In Modern Medicine 2018

Yoga In Modern Medicine 2018

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