How Can Arthritis Be Relieved with Physical Therapy

How Can Arthritis Be Relieved with Physical Therapy

For individuals battling with arthritis, the struggle can be a daily encounter. Depending on what type of arthritis the person has, the common consequence remains to be mobility difficulty. With painful and inflamed joints, the patient will have a hard time walking around, doing their favorite hobby, or even going outdoors for some errands.

This is where a professional providing physical therapy services in San Jose, California can be of assistance. With their training and skills, physical therapists enable the patient to move safely and effectively so that the usual physical functions are regained. With physical therapy, the body is once again taught to move as it should, such that mobility difficulties caused by arthritis pains can be overcome.

There are many ways that a physical therapist can be of assistance to a person with arthritis. Consider the following list:

  • Creates a plan of care that typically involves exercise routines so that the person’s flexibility, strength, and balance are regained
  • Educates the individual to display the correct posture and perform physical activities in a correct position so that the pain is abated and their functionality is improved
  • Demonstrates to the person how assistive devices are used, when necessary
  • Prescribes the use of treatment options as necessary, which include braces, splints, special shoes, hot/cold therapy, and others.
  • Recommends the usage or modification of the person’s environment, such as replacing a regular mat with a cushioned one to minimize the pain

As part of the services providing health care in California, physical therapy sessions should not be missed. However, the unfamiliar person may not be inclined to attend. To encourage them, here are common expectations of a typical physical therapy session:

  • A care plan is going to be implemented
  • The physical therapist visits your home
  • The therapist discusses health goals with the patient
  • The therapist identifies physical problems that need to be focused on
  • The therapist provides strategies so that quality care is provided
  • The therapist administers physical exercises with the patient
  • The physical routines administered display gradual improvement
  • The patient can discuss their inquiries or complaints with the therapist

The patient may or may not need to meet with their physical therapist as the rehab days continue. What’s essential is that the routines are being followed and the daily instructions are being complied. Patients can recover better and more efficiently when they are adhering to their therapist’s instructions. However, the patient is required to make regular update to their physical therapist, especially with regards to their exercise programs and other treatment options provided.

Are you in search for a physical therapist? When you or a loved one is struggling with arthritis, then the physical therapist is definitely someone you need to coordinate with. At Pros In Rehab, we now make it possible for you to coordinate with a professional physical therapist so that you can begin your treatments against arthritis, and attain recovery.

What other aspects of care do you need assistance from? Ask us.

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