How Is Physical Therapy Important, Especially for Seniors?


Physical therapy is known for its use of physical-based methods such as massages, heat treatments, and exercise—rather than surgery or drugs—to treat illnesses, injury, or to alleviate the conditions of a disability. While others have doubts with the effectiveness of this kind of medical science, there is no doubt that physical therapy has its benefits which can be observed among patients suffering an illness or injury who have undergone physical therapy sessions.

As medical professionals, physical therapists are trained and licensed in diagnosing various forms of physical abnormalities, restoring physical function and mobility through various rehabilitative and restorative methods, maintaining these physical functions, and promoting physical activity and proper function of the various parts of the body. Their job is to take care, guide, and help the patient from the diagnosis to the various stages of recovery. Physical therapists also make it a goal to be able to encourage independence in their patients even in the duration of therapy sessions, in order to ensure that at the end of the process, they wouldn’t have a difficult time managing on their own and maintaining an improved and better quality of their lives.

Contrary to what others may believe, though, physical therapy is not only intended for ill, handicapped, disabled, or injured individuals with a clear physical impediment. However, it can also be of huge help to senior individuals. The decrease of stamina, strength, and dexterity of an elderly person is not just the result of the aging process, but is also contributed by the lack of physical activity and exercise—mainly because being in their late golden years, they no longer do or perform the things they used to do when they were younger. Because seniors tend to spend more time staying in one place, this may cause weakness and fragility in their bodies—which often leads to various diseases.

Physical therapy, then, helps to increase an elderly’s vitality by improving motor functions, posture, and flexibility. Benefits of physical therapy include improvement in balance, endurance, stamina, increased dexterity and mobility, reduced risk in falling, lower risk of developing high blood pressure and heart diseases, and healthier bones, muscles, and joints. It also has mental benefits which include decreasing depression and anxiety.

At Pros in Rehab, we offer physical therapy services in San Jose, California to seniors and individuals suffering from illness, injury, or disability, and even pediatric patients, such as infants. Our skilled, trained, professional therapists aim to help you overcome pain, recover from injuries, and prevent muscle dysfunction by providing only quality care and services in a comfortable rehab that contains only the best equipment and facilities.

Although we specialize in neuro-motor, movement dysfunction, and orthopedic conditions, we also have various programs and types of therapy, so you can count on us to have the solution that is perfectly suited for you or your loved ones’ needs. Contact us at 408-399-7054 for quality and exceptional health care in California you can trust.

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