Gait Training: A Quick Guide for Family Caregivers


To a person facing mobility challenges, gait training can be the solution they’re looking for. Gait training is a form of physical therapy prescribed by a physician to an individual who has a difficulty standing or walking about. This difficulty can be caused by an illness or a recent injury. Quality gait training can help the patient regain their independence even if they have adaptive devices with them.

As a provider of physical therapy services in San Jose, California, we would like to impart this quick guide on what one must need to understand about gait training. Further knowledge can be helpful for you when the need arises.

Here are important elements of gait training:

Health benefits of gait training

  • Increases strength in muscles and joints
  • Greatly improves the sense of balance and proper posture
  • Improves muscle memory
  • Reorients the patient’s legs for repeated movements
  • Decreases chances of falling
  • Improves ability to move
  • Reduces risks of heart ailments and osteoporosis due to the increase of physical activity

People who need gait training

This rehab activity is prescribed by the doctor for children and adults alike who acquired mobility difficulties due to the following conditions, among others:

  • Injuries to the spinal cord
  • Broken legs or pelvis
  • Injuries to the joint or replaced joints
  • Amputated limbs especially the legs
  • Neurological conditions
  • Musculoskeletal illnesses

What can a patient expect during gait training?

  • The patient should be physically strong and healthy to begin this physical therapy.
  • The patient will be aided by machines that facilitate safe walking and mobility.
  • The patient will be assisted by a physical therapist in performing training exercises.
  • The patient can be assigned to walk on a treadmill or other muscle strengthening exercises.
  • The patient recovery will depend on the severity and intensity of the training at par with their diagnosis.

Do you have a loved one who is about to undergo a gait training? As their family member, your overall support is very crucial. Gait training can be very demanding for the patient. Aside from the physical involvements, your loved one may also be subjected to emotional and mental turmoil facing the reality of their new normal. Continue to assure them that with the right provider of health care in California, they can recover in the most ideal way.

One efficient way for you to support your loved one in this important life training is to know the extent of their care plan. At Pros In Rehab, we work with you not just in orienting you with plan expectations but also with other care options available. Our licensed physical therapists in the team are fully experienced to provide the quality treatment that your loved one deserves. When it’s time to tap the help of a licensed healthcare professional, set an appointment with us.

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