Gain access to quality physical therapy anytime, anywhere!

With lockdowns and other restrictions, many of our patients have not been able to visit us for a therapeutic session. We understand the sentiment, and we work to adapt to the “new normal” as much as we can. Despite the hindrances, our team continues to work diligently to address our patients’ various needs and promote a higher quality of life through virtual consultations. Especially in San Jose, California, government-mandated protocols are still in place, leaving us to provide an alternative medium to stay in touch with our patients.

As such, we are now opening a telehealth program to reach out to our patients without going outside. Pros In Rehab’s therapists will look into your needs through remote assessments and treatments. Using your laptops, smartphones, tablets, or personal computers, you can still gain access to quality therapeutic services for you and the entire family.

Telehealth programs offer the following benefits for you:

  • Reduced risks of acquiring COVID-19
  • Easy access to care and therapy at home
  • Saves transportation costs and time
  • Less time in waiting areas
  • Promotes better patient-therapist relationship and engagement