Bryson is now walking and is even trying to run at times. To go from not moving to walking in 5-6 months was truly fantastic…

It was a great pleasure to bring Bryson to each and every session as Jyoti offered a wonderful environment for therapy. She was always energetic, upbeat and caring. I would recommend Pros in Rehab to anyone needing Physical Therapy.

– DH

“She (Jyoti) is very professional and expert to her field”

– VA

You keep the atmosphere in the sessions both professional and friendly! Your skill and knowledge are truly amazing! I really appreciate your ability and willingness to modify exercises to my limitations. I appreciate your attention to total body mechanics as related to the specific problems I’m having. My condition is much improved since coming to you for physical therapy. We have been hampered by not knowing the exact cause of the problems. Your analogies regarding exercises are fun and quite memorable. Just make sure your audience is familiar with them.

FN (over 65 years of age)

Our son started here in Dec. 2011, he was 10 months and not crawling or transitioning to any other position. From our first visit, Jyoti made us feel so welcome and comfortable. She gave us things to work on at home and within 6 weeks not only was our son crawling but began pulling to stand. She continues to work with him. He loves her and its amazing how she can keep his attention for a full hour! Not a small feat for an almost one year old. Jyoti is compassionate, caring and informative. You can tell she REALLY cares about the kids. Jyoti also worked with us with getting insurance coverage and took care of everything. That alone was invaluable. I would recommend Pros in Rehab to any family with young children.

– NH

Highly recommend her (Jyoti Saboo). I have never had a therapist work and pay so much attention to me. Very compassionate and has helped me improve. She also works with my orthopedic doctor and keeps him posted on my condition.

– LC (over 65 years of age)

A+ Experience with Jyoti! My son had various developmental delays, low muscle tone, and was born with a foot anomaly where his toes on one foot are foreshortened. We’ve been working with Jyoti Saboo from Pros in Rehab for over a year now. I honestly consider her our miracle worker! She taught my son how to crawl correctly (which helped give him needed muscle tone), helped him learn to walk at 17 months, worked on his foot positioning, his balance, and more – all while making it fun and educational for me as well. We were able to do much more focused, useful work with my son at home after the lessons Jyoti taught me. My son loves Jyoti and is always excited to go to her office to “play” – he never sees it as work, because she’s so gentle and encouraging (but yet works him really hard, which I appreciate!) She has a great set-up, with lots of different toys and things to explore. And she’s also just a very nice person – I look forward to getting to chat with her a little bit each week, especially as a stay-at-home mom who sometimes only has a two-year-old to talk with! I highly recommend Jyoti as a physical therapist.

“As the parents of triplets born 2 months earlier, your physical therapy intervention has been very valuable to caring for them. Your encouragement of our participation during therapy sessions and provided us with guidance and instruction including handouts as reference so that we could reinforce therapy from home was so helpful. Our triplets’ reaction to the entire process was very positive. Jyoti have been such a big part of all their progress and accomplishments and we want you to know we appreciate all you’ve done and all your hard work. Please know we are eternally grateful. Thank you from our family”.

– S.N. and N.N.

Jyoti is very knowledgeable, friendly and nice to work with. She gave me lots of tips and explained to me clearly what the issue is and what she is focusing on during our initial appointments. I took my kid to her clinic for PT and I saw dramatic improvement with him. I would definitely recommend Jyoti to anyone for PT. I also heard that she is great for adults too.

– Anna

Physical therapy for my son…

My son is developmentally delayed ,and was referred to Pros In Rehab for physical therapy. We had a very positive experience with Jyoti Saboo. She is very friendly with the kids and a dedicated therapist. My son was about one year old when we started Physical therapy with Pros In Rehab. Within couple of months we saw several improvements in my son’s muscle tone and posture. In the process she educates parents .I highly recommend Jyoti Saboo for Physical therapy.

– Murali

Pros in Rehab is professional, kid…‎

We had such a fantastic experience with Pros in Rehab. From the time my son was one- to two- years old he worked with Jyoti from PiR. She was always professional and friendly, and my son loved the time he spent with her. Not only did she work with him to develop his muscles and skills, she taught me activities I could do with him to encourage his proper growth. She focused on my child and was supportive in every way.‎

– Akat

Physical Therapy for a toddler with Down…‎

My daughter, Angie, began physical therapy at about 12 months. It was the best experience for my daughter as well as other family members. We learned so much about muscle tone and the physics of muscles. I remember worrying that my daughter would never build enough tone to walk normally. I was reassured by Pros in Rehab and was given plenty of information as well as professional support to keep the faith and the practice of exercise continuing. At 20 months, Angie took her first squat off the ground and began to take her 1st steps on her own – not holding onto anything. Pros in Rehab made the therapy very fun for Angie. Books, Balls, hula hoops, and many visits to the park was part of the therapy plan.

I highly recommend, Jyoti Saboo – Physical Therapist, for any child’s therapeutic needs.

– Rosanne

My husband and I warmly and completely recommend Jyoti Saboo as a physical therapist for children. Our son Brandon had the good fortune to see Jyoti approximately once a week for approximately two years (starting when he was one year old). Under Jota’s care and very personalized therapy sessions, our son’s strength, balance and coordination improved dramatically…

We are extremely grateful for Jota’s kindness, skills, and effectiveness, and encourage anyone with a child needing physical therapy to work with Jyoti.

Michelle T.
Los Altos, CA

January 29, 2010Another positive experience with Jyoti

We also know Jyoti through Early Start. My son was behind on his gross motor skills and development, and wasn’t walking at 17 months. Shortly after we started working with Jyoti, he took his first steps. We were lucky enough to see her weekly for playdates in the park for 6 months and she really helped him develop his gross motor skills and catch up on his development. Teachers who know him now (he will be 3 next month) can’t believe his gross motor skills were ever behind!

Jyoti made the therapy fun for him, and was great about incorporating his older sister into the therapy (they were both always excited about going to the park to “play” with Jyoti and they still remember some of her games). She also did a great job of educating my husband and myself, especially early on when we were trying to help him learn to walk. We thought we should just hold his hand and help him walk, but she taught us that he needed to do different exercises (like games that would make him squat moreto strengthen his muscles so he could walk.

Without Jyoti, we would have kept doing the wrong thing and remained frustrated and worried about him! Overall we found Jyoti to be very professional, knowledgeable, fun, and kind, and she really helped our son and us to deal with his gross motor delays.

November 17, 2009Early Start program for preemie

We know Jyoti through the Early Start program provided by the Santa Clara County for my daughter who was born 2 month prematurely. My daughter had low muscle tone and was behind on some motion skills and we were worry about her not being able to walk or run like other full-term babies.

We were so lucky to work with Jyoti and she is not only very professional and knowledgeable but also knows how to work with baby and little kid very well. My daughter always enjoy the sessions and look forward for more every week as Jyoti makes each session unique, fun and effective.

One particular thing that Jyoti keeps surprising us is her creative way of teaching which leverages some very common things in everyday’s life such as towels, phone books, sofa pads, sticks, mattress, ..etc and make them part of the training materials and we never thought that these common things can be very effective in doing physical therapy and it is very easy to apply after the session. Even though the indoor sessions are very helpful, we feel the best result come from the outdoor sessions in the local parks.

Jyoti is very good at using the natural set up that each park provides such as slopes, steps, leaves, ..etc and encourage my daughter to try doing things with very little assistance in a very natural way and my daughter loves it. Throughout the 2 year sessions with Jyoti, my daughter has caught up with full-term kids and she is running and jumping with confidence now! We can not thank Jyoti enough for what she has done to help my daughter to achieve the current status and we would recommend Jyoti without any reservation to anyone who is looking for real professional, friendly and the best quality physical rehab service.

Fred T

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