About Us


From childhood to old age, life is full of steps. From the very first fledgling advances. Through the stampeding years of adulthood. And then into the trudge of old age. We are always stepping, continuously making our way forward.

Pros In Rehab is here to help you take the next step forward- whether it be for yourself, your parent, grandparent, or your child. The step that leads towards that better state- from the security of not falling, to the feeling of being fit and whole again; from pain to relief, to going back to work or play.

PIR offers Physical Therapy services to pediatric clients (including infants) and older adults (including seniors) in an outpatient setting. PIR’s services are distinguished by the time spent to listen to its clients, understand their needs, and deliver highly customized therapy in the spirit of service, fun, and education. We love what we do, and it shows!

Pros In Rehab proudly offers the following:

    • Professional Physical Therapy… with a personal touch
    • Client-oriented, family-friendly- education focused services
    • Goal-oriented, problem-solving approach
    • Licensed staff who are highly experienced, educated and skilled
    • Highly customized services based on sound clinical, research-based knowledge
    • Fun, interesting, informative sessions delivered in a warm, friendly and personal atmosphere.
    • Openly communicative, team–oriented approach, working closely with physicians
    • Therapeutic Yoga and Pilates are incorporated in our sessions as and when appropriate.